Sunday, September 14, 2014


Last week, the Foreign Correspondents' Club of China published a report* that confirmed that the Government of China has increased its campaign harassment and intimidation of foreign journalists. the report particularly focused on China's response to journalists who  report negative news, be it stories about corruption of Chinese PEPs, issues involving misconduct of Chinese Companies, or the activities of Chinese nationals who oppose their government's policies.

Whether it has reached the point where compliance officers conducting due diligence investigations of Chinese nationals or entities cannot rely upon the global media to report on negative information relating to the subject of their inquiries, I cannot say, but its is suggested that, when it comes to ascertaining whether a prospective wealthy Chinese client is a PEP, you are best served by engaging a Hong Kong, or Taiwanese firm to check them out. Mainland China resources are not going to provide you with the blunt truth about your client, if it contains negative information.

Any compliance officers whose research often involves Chinese clients should review the complete text of the document; The link is below.

The Foreign Correspondents' Club of Hong Kong is also reporting harassment, intimidation, and interference with their journalists' efforts to report truthfully and completely truth about events in China.

*Position Paper on Working Conditions for Foreign Correspondents in China

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