Saturday, December 2, 2017


Kaisha Ince, the head of Grenada's CBI program, has issued a blanket denial of the damaging facts presented here on this blog yesterday, entitled Will Grenada Sack its CBI Head for Misconduct and Corruption ?, choosing to attack this blogger, rather than reply on the merits. The truth obviously hurts.

Shoot the messenger will not work here, especially since Ince's previous message to the Prime Minister clearly indicated that she was trying to bring pressure to bear upon me, to remove these articles. Ince was more concerned about the source of the leaks, and neither individual denied the truth contained in the articles.

We do not make statements without a factual basis; this blog has screenshots showing ALL the statements quoted in the last article, and we will make that information available to any US law enforcement agency investigating corruption in the CBI and diplomatic passport programs. It is certainly not "fake news" in any form.

These arrogant Grenadian government officials obviously do not care that their telecommunications are not secure, especially at the receiving end, when they discuss corrupt activities, marital infidelity, kickbacks & bribes, and anti-Black prejudice. Does the Prime Minister know where his telephone is at this moment ?

Perhaps the voters in Grenada will take note of this scandal in the next election. While I have no interest in any political party on Grenada, or its officials and candidates, I am opposed to the "Banana Republic" corruption that the CBI and diplomatic passport programs has spawned in Grenada.

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