Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Ismael Gerli
Ismael Gerli, the Panama City attorney who taught the American expat fraudster, Gary Lundgren*, how to deprive North American and Europeans of their assets, using bearer share corporations, has now been indicted in Panama, on charges of forgery. Gerli allegedly forged signatures of clients, to illegally acquire ownership of real estate that they owned.

In addition to the forgery indictment, Gerli also faces twelve other criminal charges in the Republic of Panama. He has been accused for giving perjured testimony in Spain, regarding a money laundering investigation, and is reportedly wanted for questioning there, as well as the Ukraine, where he allegedly was engaged in a number of white-collar crimes.

this blog has previously reported on Gerli's criminal activities, and new readers are invited to use the search feature, to access them.
* Gary James Lundgren also has multiple criminal charges (fraud) pending against him in Panama, and FINRA, the American securities dealer regulatory agency, has barred him, for life, from the securities industry.

Gary James Lundgren

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