Thursday, October 27, 2016


Offshore attorneys, Mossack, Zollinger & Fonseca.
This is a rendering of the senior partners, who are also the directors, of Mossack and Fonseca; while you certainly can recognize Jurgen Rolf Dieter Mossack, and Eduardo Fonseca Mora, the name partners of the law firm now constantly in the news, due to the revelations of the Panama Papers, you may not know the third partner pictured. He is Christophe Zollinger, formerly of Panama City, but lately residing in his native Switzerland.

I bring this up, because Herr Zollinger was not only a partner at Mossack, he lived in the Republic  long enough to acquire Panamanian citizenship, and a diplomatic passport. He was also an adviser to Panama's fugitive ex-president, Ricardo Martinelli, along with his partner, Ramón Fonseca. Martinelli, and several members of his cabinet, are alleged to have placed millions of dollars, in corrupt income, in Swiss banks, and what better person to assist the members of the "Martinelli Mafia," than a Swiss lawyer with more than a decade of experience at the Mossack firm. Furthermore, he dealt with a lot of "colorful" clients at the firm, who he may still be representing.

Zollinger; Panama Bobsled Team. Cool Runnings.

In any event, should you, or your bank clients, encounter Mr. Zollinger, govern yourselves accordingly. Remember, we live in a risk-based world.

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