Thursday, October 13, 2016


Seated Man, by Modigilani, taken by Nazi Germany

Recently, we have been covering some of the many sordid criminal activities of the Mossack and Fonseca law firm, as exposed in the Panama Papers. We have shown that the firm facilitated sanctioned nuclear development of North Korea, that it practiced identity manipulation, to prevent sanctioned clients from being discovered, and that it assisted corrupt PEPs from just about every nation on the continent of Africa, in hiding stolen wealth, and placing it safely in offshore financial institutions.

Now, the most disgusting, and abhorrent disclosure that we have seen to date, which the "law firm" ( read that career criminals) has been found to be involved in: assisting in preventing the return of art, stolen from European Jews by Nazi Germany, during the Second World War, to the heirs of its rightful owners. The Mossack firm had the unmitigated gall to employ offshore corporations to defeat legal efforts to recover obviously stolen art, by titling it in the name of companies that the firm controlled, and by asserting that such companies did not conduct business in the United States, and that suit should not be brought there. What lawyer knowingly assists clients in selling art stolen by the Nazis ?

I will leave it to the experts to decide the proper punishment for this amoral law firm, and its name partners, but in my mind, it is as guilty of war crimes, as the individuals who have illegally acquired the stolen art, all of whom should be serving long terms of imprisonment, for their sins.

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