Tuesday, May 31, 2016


We have been waiting, since December 2015, for Panama to actually process the extradition papers signed by the Supreme Court of Justice. Martinelli's "dream team," consisting of some of of Panama's best lawyers, continue to throw roadblocks in the way of the process, but there's much more here, below the waterline, than meets the eye.

In truth and in fact, most Panamanians know that Ricardo Martinelli will probably never see the inside of a Panama City courtroom, because of the wealth of damaging information the former president possesses, with regard to his successor, as will as other prominent members of the present "reform" government. He knows far too much to be allowed to testify.

Perhaps the most serious item in Martinelli's bag of tricks is information that will most certainly quickly result in the resignation of President Varela, so let's preempt him, and get it out in the public domain. The major reason that Varela is not enthusiastic about seeing Martinelli in the dock is the fact that Varela took illegal campaign contributions from the Colombian Pyramid/Ponzi schemer, David Murcia Guzm├ín.

Martinelli, whose role in laundering criminal proceeds for Murcia, also benefitted greatly from Murcia's billion dollar money laundering scheme, but Varela, who is currently in office, is at great risk, should this story become public knowledge. If Martinelli confirms it in sworn testimony, Varela's political career is over.

Now you know why nobody in the Varela administration is jumping up and down, demanding Martinelli's extradition from Miami. Don't hold your breath.


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