Monday, May 2, 2016


Turkey appears to be linking its demands that the European Union allow visa-free travel for its nationals, to its adoption of the reciprocal agreement that requires Turkey to accept the return of illegal migrants. On Wednesday, the EU Executive reportedly will propose enacting the removal of visa restrictions on Turks entering the Schengen Zone, notwithstanding that the reforms specified appear to not have been completed.

Here's the problem those good people in Brussels have failed to consider: Turkey is now the field headquarters for Hamas, a sanctioned terrorist organization, and it launches its terrorist operations from there, whether in the West Bank, or elsewhere in the world. You can expect, given the fact that Turkey provides material support to Hamas, that Hamas operatives will be given Turkish passports.  

If any of these agents try to open an account in your EU bank:

(1)  Let us hope that the compliance officer will assign a Turkish-speaking new accounts clerk to help with account opening, for that individual will be able to spot a non-native Turkish speaker in a heartbeat, and decline the business. The last thing you want in your bank is someone moving money for a specially designated global terrorist organization.

(2) Did the prospective client forget to alter his place of birth ? If so, you may find that this 'Turk" was born in Israel, or the Palestinian Territories; That's another tip-off.

(3) Is the new client avoiding Turkish altogether, and speaking Arabic ? There's another red flag.

While I am not suggesting that you profile all new Turkish clients , look for those with the above issues, as well as newly-issued passports. You do not want to bank Hamas agents.

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