Monday, May 2, 2016


After the Vietnam War ended, many American veterans were incensed when they learned a number of hard truths, which were not disclosed to the public*. One of these was the fact that no son of a US Senator or Congressman, in office at the time, ever served in the American military in Vietnam, between 1959 and 1975. Their fathers saw to it that they, like the young George Bush, were kept out of the combat zone, while individuals with no political power were less fortunate.

History has a habit of repeating itself; reports from Lebanon have confirmed that senior Hezbollah military commanders have been sending their sons to Europe, to evade their conscription into units sent to fight in the Syrian civil war, in which Hezbollah is sustaining major casualties in the field. This has been the case since 2015, when Hezbollah's demands for replacements for Syria duty, expanded.

One individual entered France, via one of the former Soviet republics. Inasmuch as they are favored sons, who can rely upon financial support from their fathers, who draw significant salaries, you can expect that they open, and maintain, bank accounts in EU countries, like the Chinese "princelings," who are often sent to the West, ostensibly for their education.

These Hezbollah youth, whose funding most likely comes from clever third-country transfers, pose a threat to Western European banks, for they may be called upon, by Hezbollah, to engage in terrorist financing, money laundering, or a number of other criminal activities, in material support of a designated terrorist organization. You do not want them as bank customers.

Identifying them may be difficult;
 (1) Your compliance department should look for places of birth, as listed on their passports, in those towns and villages in the Hezbollah-dominated south of Lebanon.
(2) They will most likely not hold full-time jobs, and will not be matriculated university students.
(3) Like the Chinese princelings, they may appear to be affluent, but without any visible means of support.

Remember, the EU has sanctioned Hezbollah's military ; you do not need to bank their adult children.
* Inasmuch as April 30 was the anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War, readers who are too young to have personally experienced it firsthand should be aware that, afterwards, it was disclosed that the size of the infantry of the North Vietnamese Army, who opposed US and allied forces in-country, was three times the estimates given by the Central Intelligence Agency; this was considered a major intelligence failure.

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