Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Panama's most prolific fraudster, the American expat, Gary James Lundgren, continues to give the finger to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), from the safety of his offshore base in the Republic of Panama. Is it because he has the proverbial "get-out-of-jail free card," by virtue of a longstanding Confidential Informant status with a US law enforcement agency, we wonder ?

 Banned by FINRA, from any association in the securities industry, Lundgren continues to sell unregistered securities to US residents, employing a Panama corporation that he formed last year, Interpacific Investors SA, which has the same name as his former, and now closed, securities firm in the State of Washington. He is still using the same website, , as his shuttered US brokerage firm, but now visitors as sent directly to Interpacific Investors SA. He is obviously targeting investors who are US residents.

 Lundgren is offering "bonds," which are, in truth and in fact, unregistered securities,  and which he markets, in the United States, through a covert network of stock salesmen who funnel capital to him. Currently, Lindgren's two sons, and a front man are handling transactions.

The so-called bonds are fractional interests in Panama real estate projects; as they are an investment scheme, the profits of which are solely to come through the efforts of others, they fit the classic definition of what constitutes a security. So why isn't this an SEC case yet ? The Securities & Exchange Commission has jurisdiction over the sale of unregistered securities in the United States.

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