Sunday, May 15, 2016


Nicolas Maduro, the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, has declared a national State of Emergency, which effectively places the risk levels of any commerce, or any financial exposure, so high that the nation should now be considered off limits, for the purposes of Country Risk. The ability of any foreign creditor, vendor, or claimant, to obtain justice, or any effective redress, for any reason, is now effectively zero. The country's corrupt court system, that routinely follows government orders, and not the rule of law, may now note even be available to foreign plaintiff, due to the State of Emergency.

Maduro has threatened to nationalize any manufacturing facility that has closed up, notwithstanding the fact that most factory closures are generally for their inability to obtain raw materials from abroad. Polar, one of the country's largest companies, has stopped brewing its trademark beer, due to a lack of barley, which is imported.

The Opposition continues to seek the recall of the country's president, whose administration has been accused of responsibility for Venezuela's economic chaos, a situation where many are forced to wait ion long lines daily to purchase staples, when they can be had at all. Prudence dictates that you Redline Venezuela at this time.

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