Sunday, May 1, 2016


Gary Lundgren (after facelift)

Apparently, the disgraced Alaskan fraudster, Gary James Lundgren, is unhappy that we, and others, have been reporting on his lifetime FINRA ban from the US securities industry, the $75m suit against him, filed by Donald Trump in Europe, his bearer share scams, his money laundering, and his extensive sexual predator history, both in the US and in Panama. The publication of his criminal conduct has caused him to have repeated temper tantrums, both at his office, where he is protected by two burly bodyguards, and at other businesses, where he has vented his anger upon defenseless female employees, tenants  who rent from him, and various other unlucky Panamanians who happen to be in his path.

Gary before facelift
He has more recently been closely linked to the Canadian stock fraudster, Ryan Bateman, the mastermind behind the $450m  Cayman Islands trading theft, and who currently resides in Panama. The scandal, whose participants are known as the Cayman Gang of Four, include former Dundee Bank Senior Vice President Sharon Lexa Lamb, former Dundee Bank President Derek Buntain, a Canadian national, and B & C Capital Managing Director, Fernando Moto Mendes, a Portuguese national residing in the Cayman Islands.

Bateman, Lamb, Buntain
 Lundgren has recently made a number of death threats, against everyone who has published articles about his fraudulent activities. He has even threatened their spouses with death, in writing, including some who live outside the Republic of Panama.

The question is: who will arrest Lundgren first ? He is rumored to have a sealed arrest warrant pending against him in the United States, through it is not known if it is for money laundering, Federal securities offenses,  tax evasion, or sexual battery. For that reason, Lundgren has consciously avoided entering the US for several years. Whether he will now disappear into Colombia, to evade justice, just as he once did when he fled America for Panama, is not known, but his departure has been rumored for weeks.  

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