Thursday, May 19, 2016


As more damning details emerge, the unauthorized, improper and illegal, use of the names of the world's most prominent charitable organizations and NGOs, by Mossack Fonseca, appears to be far more widespread than earlier indicated. More than 700 Mossack clients received such bogus charities.

An internal Mossack memorandum has been unveiled, which boldly reportedly advised prospective clients that the World Wildlife Fund, the International Red Cross, UNICEF, and others, were to be used, though non of the named charities ever received donations from these bogus entities. The Mossack memo told the clients that the beneficiaries, meaning the tax cheats and sundry other criminal clients, would ultimately be named as beneficiaries at a later date, the charities then dissolved, and the money disbursed to them, which is an admission that the method to be used was totally bogus.

The Mossack law firm, which hid behind the fact that it merely provided "secretarial services" to the clients, in connection with the charities, offered candid, and obviously criminal, legal advice, when it detailed how no client's name would appear, only those of Mossack staff members, on the filings. One wonder how long it will take for these charities to file civil suits, seeking damages, against all the partners at Mossack and Fonseca, and whether criminal charges will follow.

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