Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Ryan Bateman
Ryan Bateman, the fugitive Canadian stock trader who walked off with at least $450m of investor accounts, and who is wanted in the Cayman Islands, has returned to one of his favorite haunts, the Republic of Panama. Bateman and his brother Cody own an unlicensed wealth management company that has run afoul of Panama's law in the past.

Cody Bateman

Bateman made millions of dollars of unauthorized trades, in the United States, with money stolen from North American investors who thought their money was safe in Butterfield's Bank, in Grand Cayman. He is a member of the Cayman gang of Four, who other crew are Sharon Lexa Lamb, Fernando Moto Mendes, and Derek Buntain, all of whom were connected to B & C Capital, Ltd., Bateman's"exempt" shell company that illegally moved the victims' investment capital.

He had been keeping a low profile in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, trying to maintain his interests in oil exploration contracts he claimed to won in the Bahamas, but Opposition leaders in Nassau exposed his checkered past, and arrest warrant, which he disputed, though he remained in Florida, and did not personally appear in the Bahamian capital, to assert his disputed claim.

Sharon Lexa Lamb
Some sources have alleged that Bateman is looking for damaging information, to employ against the whistleblowers who have investigated his activities, and as many of his victims as he can gather dirt upon, to smear them and "shoot the messenger," when he is cornered. His crimes in Grand Cayman have drawn the attention of many Canadians, particularly those in Alberta, where he fled from a securities fraud scheme, and relocated his sleazy stock trading scheme in the Caymans.

It is also noteworthy to remember that the Panamanian attorney, Ismael Gerli, who is suspected of multiple links to the Gang of Four, and may have worked with a B & C Capital staff member, to move some of the stolen money, works and resides in Panama. Gerli has not been seen in Panama City of late; he is a defendant in at least four civil suits, and two criminal cases filed against him, by Russian businessman, Vladimir Kokorev, and his Panama attorneys.

Ismael Gerli
 Is Bateman in Panama City to spawn a new massive fraud, or merely hiding out from process servers, or law enforcement agents, seeking to detain him for extradition ? we cannot say, but we will continue to update our readers, as we remain on the trail of the elusive bandits, the Cayman Gang of Four.

Bateman, lamb and Derek Buntain

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