Wednesday, January 27, 2016


If you have a case in Federal Court, or intend to visit any Federal government agency this week, you had best determine first whether you may have a problem getting there. Palestinian and Arab organizations have publicly stated that they plan to picket, and otherwise disrupt, Federal buildings throughout the United States this week, and possibly next; The reason for these protests will disturb you.

The protests involve the participants' support of a convicted Palestinian terrorist. Rasmieh Odeh, a Jordanian national convicted in Israel of two homicides that occurred during a terrorist attack, and who spent a decade in prison, serving two life sentences, until her early release, was convicted of immigration fraud, when she lied about her criminal past when entering he US, and later, when applying for American citizenship.

Odeh was sentenced to eighteen months' imprisonment, and revocation of her US citizenship, by a District Court Judge in Michigan; her appeal, which does not appear to have any significant legal merit,  is pending, and a decision is expected this week. She will be required to surrender at that time, and Palestinian activists have enlisted a number of radical groups to assist in a planned massive protest at that time.

Watching Palestinian protests, in support of terrorists, in Israel, is one thing, but Americans are about to face such acts in their own country, and the disturbing thing is that radical American organizations plan to support these protests. Has everyone forgotten the lessons of 9/11 after fifteen years ?

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