Monday, January 25, 2016


Chief Justice Jose´Ayú Prado
José Ayú Prado, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Justice of Panama, the country's highest court, declined calls to step down, notwithstanding multiple ongoing corruption investigations, and actual cases, in a judicial situation that can only be described as chaotic. He was ultimately suspended, but refused to leave office.

Many prominent individuals in Panama have called for the resignation, and replacement, of all the Justices, due to allegations, many already proven by compelling evidence, of rampant corruption. The Court is regarded by lawyers in North America as a quagmire of corruption, where bribes and kickbacks, to purchase or delay justice, are the order of the day.

One of senior judges, who has stated that many decisions of the Court were illegally influenced by the former president of Panama, Ricardo Martinelli, has been criticized by the remaining justices, including Ayú Prado, who has arrogantly demanded that proof be produced. The Supreme Court is in disarray, and the agency that is responsible for discipline in the Court appears to be toothless, and powerless to act.

Foreign investors and financial institutions are no longer considering extending credit, having a client invest, or making any financial transaction with a Panamanian company, where there is a receivable involved. The risk levels at this time are deemed to be to elevated to conduct any international business transactions into, or through, the republic of Panama.  

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