Saturday, January 2, 2016


The extraordinary migration into Europe in 2015, from the war zones in the Middle East, as well as economic refugees from Africa and Asia, have resulted in a massive increase in Sweden of its refugee population. In some urban areas, the net result has been disturbing; crime has been out of control, the fabric of the social assistance network has been stretched to its limits, and the failure of the majority of its Middle Eastern migrants to adopt Western culture, laws, human rights values, and mores, have all pushed Sweden towards an unstable future.

The fact that these new Swedish residents represent potential voters has resulted in the utter failure of the political parties to support any drastic and effective action on all fronts where it is needed. Multi-culturalism appears to have failed as an instrument of national policy in Sweden.

Unless and until the authorities can reduce the flow of refugees to a trickle, Sweden faces a probable breakdown in social services, a growing crime wave, conflict between Swedish citizens and the new, unassimilated and unmanageable mass of refugees. All this will destabilize the political and eventually economic health of the nation, and therefore its is prudent to raise Country Risk at this time, reducing both future investment and financial exposure, which could end up in default, if the trend seen over the past 48 months continues.

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