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The Principality of Hutt-River,  a self-declared micro state composed of a wheat farm in Western Australia, has never been recognized by anyone as a sovereign state. Its founders rely upon their interpretation of a historical oddity: that Great Britain allegedly never specifically declared the area as its territory. It reportedly has been ignored by the Government of Australia, and is basically a tourist destination, a curiosity.

Nevertheless, where even a bogus jurisdiction exists, in the mind of its founders, sleazy lawyers working the offshore scheme usually jump on it, and seek to vend companies claimed to be in tax-free states. The fact that Hutt-River is a part of Australia seems to be forgotten by these attorneys.

Jay Mac Rust, Esq.
I bring this up because one of the more slippery Panamanian lawyers that we have been covering of late, Ismael Gerli Champsaur, represents that he is the Honorary Counsel of Hutt-River Principality. He first made such statements, reportedly calling himself a diplomat, in connection with claims he made, on behalf of a company that sought to corner the market on a kitchen appliance in Eastern Europe, by asserting that his client had the exclusive trademark of a common term. That makes him what we generally refer to as a "trademark troll," and if you are familiar with the antics of the dodgy Texas Lawyer,  Jay Mac Rust, called a Patent Troll by both victims, the State of New Hampshire, and the FTC, you know that Gerli's actions constitute fraud.

Totally bogus and illegal
Gerli, who is a defendant in a criminal fraud case in the Republic of Panama, a wanted man on money laundering charges, in another Central American jurisdiction, and believed to have stolen millions of Euros in a fraud committed in Spain, has not been seen around Panama City of late. Additionally, the Spanish authorities want to see him on charges of giving false witness in a criminal money laundering investigation.

One must also assume that, given Gerli advertises the availability of global tax-haven services, he has sold eager client Hutt-River corporations, as fast as he can pocket clearly excessive fees. Should you come across any Hutt-River entities, or trusts, be advised that they are a legal nullity, due to the non-existence of the micro state purporting to authorize them, the Hutt-River "corporation statutes"notwithstanding. Dual citizenship with Hutt-River is also bogus.

 Holder of those entities may also have unwittingly conferred jurisdiction of the Australian tax laws upon themselves. Please steer clear of any Hutt-River companies that are presented to you, for it will only end badly for any banker who accepts such bogus entities; You should also avoid Sr. Gerli as well.


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