Thursday, November 12, 2015


The New York State Department of Financial Regulation, which is one of the most effective anti-money laundering, and anti-sanctions, government agencies in operation, should break protocol, and name & shame the bankers as Deutsche Bank who gleefully, and obscenely, managed the sanctions evasion program at the bank for many years, allowing Iran, Syria & Sudan access to the American financial structure. These people need to be outed, for the protection  of the rest of the banking industry.

the bad actors ran an extremely efficient sanctions evasion program; they zealously protected what was a criminal conspiracy, deleting and altering information that would have alerted American bankers to their illegal wire transfers. If you have not yet read, in detail, about this organized misconduct, you should visit the NYSDFS website, and read how they deceived the global banking industry .

Remember, it is not just former employees, who had resigned or been terminated, but those not disciplined, and merely transferred to other divisions, within the bank. We need all those names, please, and from them we can locate photographs of the offenders. Every last one of them should be permanently banned from any financial services position; let them go find work in Syria, whose civil war they prolonged by their actions.


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