Friday, November 13, 2015


Our reliable sources in Panama City report that the Alaskan businessman Gary Lindgren has discontinued his interview operation at the Global Bank Building downtown. Lundgren, who also goes by Gary James Lindgren, and James Gary Lundgren, abruptly shuttered his ongoing program, whereby he was auditioning "hostesses" (read that prostitutes) to provide escorts for businessmen staying in his suites at the Trump Ocean Club in Panama. It has been said that he cancelled the program after it was exposed in the media, meaning this blog.

Gary Lundgren has not visited the Continental United States for several years. The reason: he has a pending environmental case, involving the repeated discharge of pollutants into American and Canadian waters, in the Pacific Northwest, and he fears arrest, and ultimately an extended period of incarceration, should he set foot in America. Of course both the Securities & Exchange Commission, as well as tax authorities, reportedly have investigations pending against him. We have previously reported on a prior environmental decision, and those articles can be accessed on this blog. Other investigations could also may have resulted in felony criminal charges by now; No wonder he will not come home.

Lundgren has a Panamanian passport, in a name slightly different from his legal name; it was given to him by Ricardo Martinelli; both men were closely linked to the convicted Colombian pyramid/Ponzi schemer, David Eduardo Helmut Murcia Guzmán.

Whether he also faces charges in the United States, for sexual offenses, is not known, but his illegal conduct in Panama City, including paying off several of his rape victims, or the prosecutors and judges, has earned him the dubious title of "The Bill Cosby of Panama." This is not an exaggeration; he is a a career sexual predator.

We shall be closely following the case involving the Trump Organization's $75m claim against him in the International Chamber of Commerce.

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