Wednesday, November 18, 2015


According to a reliable source close to the operation, the Trump Organization was one of the 150 targets of former Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli's illegal audio and video surveillance system. The ex-president is facing criminal charges for his secret spying operation, which utilized sophisticated equipment, and his National Security team. Many prominent Panamanians, and their spouses, were targeted, and the affairs his staff recorded later used by Martinelli for his own ends, some of which involved blackmailing individuals into having sexual relations.

This particular subject of Martinelli's cameras and microphones, the Panama staff of the Trump Organization, was spied upon for purely commercial reasons. The conversations were delivered to longtime Martinelli associate, Gary Lundgren, a/k/a Gary James Lundgren. Mr. Lundgren reportedly used that confidential information to great advantage, in his dealings with both the Trump Organization, and Newland International Properties Corp., the developer of Trump Ocean Club.

The current location of those tapes, which were recorded in violation of Panamanian law, is not known, as well as whether multiple copies exist, but the Martinelli agents who recorded the private meetings of Trump executives may have been the primary source of this information, and leaked it, or it may have come from one of the offices of an Anti-Corruption Prosecutor, who has some of those records.

Did Gary Lundgren make certain purchases of Newland bonds*, armed with inside information ? Did he illegally acquire condominium units, through his in-house lawyer, Alcides Bartolo Peña Araya, and become a director, and later Chairman, and lead unit owner, due to confidential information ? We cannot say, but rumors continue to circulate, to the effect that Gary Lundgren covets the casino at the Trump Ocean Club. Will he get it?

Gary Lundgren

More importantly, will Trump now bring suit against Gary Lundgren ?
* Gary Lundgren purchased 15% of the total amount of Newland bonds; the source of his funds was never disclosed, but Panamanian sources assert that it was all drug cash brought in by the convicted Colombian Pyramid schemer, David Murcia Guzmán, and later stolen by Lundgren, after Murcia was deported.               

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