Friday, November 27, 2015


Margarita Island, Venezuela
A number of additional Canadian & American investors, who have reported that their financial advisers, known as the Cayman Gang of Four,  absconded with their money, have contacted this blogger, either in person or through counsel, and related their stories of loss, due to fraud, and breach of a fiduciary relationship. They have uniformly stated that the most egregious frauds executed by the Gang of Four were committed by Sharon Lexa Lamb, and Ryan Bateman, and that they consider the misconduct of these two fraudsters, who diverted client assets into a covert trading scheme, to be criminal acts, for which they plan to seek justice through indictment. Most observers believe that the money will never be recovered, as it has reportedly been effectively laundered in several countries.

Other victims have asserted that they were defrauded by one or more of the members of the Gang of Four, in a case unrelated to the $450m trading scam.

Some of the victims, who are planning to bring civil suits in the Cayman Islands, have requested details on the present whereabouts of Gang members Lamb, Bateman, and former Dundee Bank President Derek Buntain, all of whom are reported to be in hiding. Only Gang member Fernando Mota Mendes can be found in Grand Cayman, for service of process.

A reputable media source in the region has stated that the ultimate destination of the Gang's ringleader, Sharon Lexa Lamb, is Margarita Island (Isla Margarita), a Caribbean territory of Venezuela. Considering that international relations between the United States, and the Bolivarian Republic are extremely strained, the chances of her possible extradition in the future, to face charges in the United States, are slim to none.

Miss Lamb

Exactly why Miss Lamb would choose to relocate to Margarita is not known. Margarita is the center of radical Arab terrorist activity in Venezuela, and elements of Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda, Hamas, the FARC, and the ELN, all reside, and operate from, that location. Whether any of the other Gang of Four missing crew members are presently hiding out there, to avoid service, is not known.

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