Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Lamb has been seen in Cuba recently
The Cayman Gang of Four, reportedly fearfully facing the legal consequences of their fraudulent actions, have sunk to a new low, even for them; they have sought to poison the victims' relationship with the major banks, and libeled them to law enforcement agencies, and government officials. The did this by sending electronic mail, which though it was disguised to appear that it came from a third party, has been traced back to their specific computers, by experts in the field of computer crime. Their letter painted an ugly picture of the victim as an unethical, career criminal, when in truth and in fact he is a retired Canadian attorney with a stellar reputation. This was done with the deliberate intent to damage his professional reputation in several countries.

Their worst offense was the illegal disclosure of one of the victim's brand-new account relationship with a Cayman Islands bank, including the account numbers, to all the recipients of the hateful email, which characterized the victim as a slumlord, tax evader, and sundry other criminal acts, none of which was true, nor has it ever been true. Obviously, the Gang of Four failed to investigate to determine whether any of these allegations were true, before publishing them, which constitutes defamation and libel. It was done to poison the financial, legal, and government sector against the victim, and to damage his reputation beyond repair.

The accounts were so new new, that only the Gang's ringleader, Sharon Lexa Lamb, had the account numbers, which she had received to purportedly refund the victim's investments. Given this open and notorious breach of Cayman bank secrecy laws, she should forever be barred from performing any financial services in the Cayman Islands, by the Cayman islands Monetary Authority, and charged with a crime.

You can now add defamation and libel to the long list of crimes the Gang of Four, and specifically Sharon Lexa Lamb, have been accused of by their many victims. 

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