Thursday, November 5, 2015



Alexey Tarasov, Viktor Bout's Russian-American attorney, has stated that he will be appealing the recent decision, entered by Bout's trial judge, to deny his client's motion for a new trial, which was filed upon the grounds of newly-discovered evidence. We have previously reported on that opinion on this blog. *

A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of Russia, in commenting upon the case this week, stated that the case was "fabricated by US special services." The United Nations recently removed sanctions in place against Bout, and others, in connection with conflicts in West Africa, and Tarasov asked the Court to take Judicial Notice of that action.

The case will now go up on appeal, once more, to the Second Circuit, which previously denied his original appeal, and affirmed his conviction. Public opinion in Russia strongly believes that the case was brought for political reasons, that Bout is innocent, and that he was entrapped. He was convicted of attempting to sell arms to the individuals who said they were affiliated with the FARC, which he reportedly understood were intended to kill Americans in Colombia.
Federal Judge denies Viktor Bout a New Trial


  1. Yes, it obviously seems like this thing happened for political reasons. Rest, the content seems knowledgeable.

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