Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Trump's case against Gary Lundgren, which demands millions of dollars in damages, regarding Lundgren's illegal taking of control of management, at Trump Ocean Club International Hotel & Tower, may now add an additional claim, because of Lundgren's intent to walk on the wild side. Gary Lundgren, who is the owner of the largest number of units in the complex, is currently conducting interviews, of Colombian hookers, for his new Trump project, which he has apparently patterned after similar arrangements that exist in certain Hong Kong hotels. If Gary Lundgren is obsessed about anything in life, it is about sex, for he has the record to prove it, and now he wants to make money out of it. His wife, whom he has offered up to be the manager of the Trump, is to be the supervisor/madam of the venture.

Lundgren intends to offer visiting businessmen exclusive service, when staying at the suites at the Trump that he controls, including full-time access to prostitutes, who will also serve as hostesses to the individual guests of Lundgren's suites, which he calls lofts. Though rarely enforced, the laws against prostitution remain on the books in the Republic of Panama. Lundgen's arrogance continues to surprise businessmen in Panama, many of whom believe that the case involving his illegal actions at the Trump Ocean Club will end his sordid business career in Panama.

It is common knowledge that the Organization has an established policy of prohibiting prostitutes in its signature hotels and resorts, so this new information is sure to be poorly received by Trump, and his senior management. Certainly, the introduction of a criminal enterprise (Gary Lundgren is to receive a portion of the hookers' income) is a violation of condominium rules & regulations, as well as several other Panamanian laws.

Donald Trump is a candidate for the nomination, by the Republican Party, to be the candidate for President of the United States, and Gary Lundgren is seeking to create a program, at a Trump landmark in Panama, that could result in serious reputation damage to his campaign. Look for Lundgren's pimping project at the Trump to be dead on arrival. As soon as his advisers hear about it, they will kill it permanently.

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