Thursday, November 5, 2015


The Trump Organization has brought a claim against the Directors of Panama's Trump Ocean Club, which is led by the American businessman, Gary Lundgren, for $75m, for wrongfully terminating Trump's management agreement with the condominium association. Lundgren is seeking to have his wife take over management of the condominium, and collect the maintenance fees, though she has no training or experience in building management.The case was reportedly brought before a type of arbitration, and is not public, but details were leaked to American  media, and Trump's New York attorney confirmed the filing. The complaint also alleges that Lundgren has engaged in a wide variety of illegal activity in Panama.

Lundgren and Perez

Gary Lundgren, whose controversial career has been the subject of much media attention, is said to be the owner of the largest number of properties in Trump Ocean Club, allegedly acquired with laundered Colombian narcotics profits, and millions in cash given to him, by the convicted Colombian Ponzi schemer, David Eduardo Helmut Murcia Guzmán, which he later stole, when Murcia was extradited. Witnesses have seen Lundgren present for deposit, at Panamanian banks, $15-16m in cash, in garbage bags, still wet from covert fast-boat transport from Colombia.

 Lundgren allegedly met Murcia through drug cartel kingpins in Medellín,  who are related to Lundgren's wife, Griselda Pérez. Murcia is reported to have laundered two billion dollars, in FARC narco-profits, in Panama.

Griselda Pérez
Lundgren's checkered past, which includes allegations of money laundering of narcotics profits, his status as a known sexual predator in the US and in Panama, and his theft of Panama real estate, owned by expats from North America and Europe, and his failure to pay accrued interest to his investors, should have disqualified him from serving as chairman of the Board of Directors of any public company. Lundgren has also been said to have acquired bonds, issued by the corporation that developed the project, Newland, through opaque circumstances.

Lundgren's longtime association with Panamanian attorney Ismael Gerli has led to speculation that Gerli had a role in advising Lundgren in his mysterious acquisition of the bonds,  and acquiring Trump Ocean Club condominium units, for cash. Some Panama observers claim that Lundgren covets the casino license at the building, and also wants to be the recipient of the monthly condominium maintenance payments paid by the unit owners.

Ismael Gerli

We shall keep our readers advised of this developing story as it unfolds.

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  1. Grizelda Perez looks like a grandmother and no wonder Lundgren is always attacking younger chicks. Based on his background; it is probably Lundgren who has been pilfering the maintenance funds from the Trump. Donald Trump will nail this rapist ass to hell


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