Friday, November 20, 2015


Most compliance officers are familiar with the cases involving billions of dollars of Medicare payments fraudulently obtained by criminal organizations in Florida. Generally, the front man relocates to Cuba, where he has enjoyed immunity from extradition to US District Court in Miami. There are, however, other classes of criminals who take full advantage of the "Sugar Cane Curtain" that allows them to flee to Cuba, and enjoy the fruits of their American criminal pursuits.

The Wanted poster above illustrates a different type of criminal conspiracy; the offenders fake automobile accidents, and then, using corrupt physicians to assist them, file multiple claims against the insurance companies that cover the motor vehicles. One such criminal organization existed in South Florida; the law enforcement operation that targeted the fraudsters is called Operation Sledgehammer.

As you can see, all the principal bad actors have fled to Cuba, thereby avoiding criminal prosecution. One wonders what the position of the Government of Cuba will be, when diplomatic relations are finally normalized between the two countries ? There are a large number of fugitives from justice living in Cuba at this time. Will Cuba give them up, when sanctions are completely removed ?

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