Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Sonia Webster, the Auditor General of the British Virgin Islands, has alleged that former Premier ANDREW FAHIE, now facing money laundering and narcotics trafficking charges in the United States, exceeded his authority when awarding lucrative contracts fo maritime border security, advising that only the governor had the legislative right to commit the government to such expenditures. Did he have an ulterior motive?

Given that Fahie, during his alleged efforts to consummate a deal with an undercover law enforcement agent, regarding the illegal transit of narcotics through the BVI, enroute to the USA, stated that he had prior experience in such criminal activities, the issue of whether he supervised maritime security, to insure that no drug shipment was interdicted, has been raised. Corruption in the BVI has been a major issue,leading to movs by the UK government to consider Direct Rule of this overseas territory, which was averted when a government of national unity was constituted by BVI politicians.

Did Fahie orchestrate maritime security in the past to favor his drug trafficking clients? If he enters into a plea agreement in his Miami case, he will have to disclose all his criminal activity, and we may have our answer.

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