Tuesday, March 7, 2023



Inasmuch as I have received inquiries, I am pleased to report that my presentation, Tradecraft: How Money Launderers work, is available to the financial community, either virtually or  as a live presentation. Now in expanded form, and detailing the strategies and tactics used by laundrymen, the program analyzes the actual tradecraft (techniques), as well as the advanced and esoteric methods not known to the financial industry, the lecture familiarizes attendees with the actual operating procedures of successful, practicing career money launderers.


Attendees learn about the training and experience that they bring to their illicit profession, how they draw upon a dark network of financial service companies to accomplish their  clients' goals, how they evade law enforcement and compliance Red Flags, and how they conceptualize and create new and innovative schemes that defeat law enforcement investigators and experienced compliance officers. 


The presentation includes many of my actual experiences, Some of which were censored from my autobiography, The Laundry Man, (London, Penguin Press/Random House UK), which is available in several European languages, and in Chinese.* 


The presentation, which includes a question-and-answer segment, is three hours in length. For further information feel free to contact me at: miamicompliance@gmail.com 


* (For those who were curious, the illustrations above are the covers of foreign language editions of The Laundry Man, all of which are printed abroad by foreign publishing houses, with the exception of the Chinese edition, which is only available in electronic form, due to the failure of Chinese PRC censors to authorize publication of the hard copy version).

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