Thursday, March 30, 2023


NYRON ERICKSON, accused in the United States of international money laundering and bulk cash smuggling, has been extradited from the BVI to face those charges, after a two year delay in the proceedings marked by unexplained delays and the advancement of bogus issues without legal merit, designed solely to delay the administration of justice, and which further establishes the British Virgin islands as an uncooperative jurisdiction in the global fight against drug money laundering.

Local attorneys for Erickson, known locally by his street name "Batt," and who operates a trucking and maritime business now suspected of being a front for his illegal operation, and who has been charged with bulk cash smuggling INTO the Continental United States,delayed the extradition by asserting a number of clearly anti-American issues. They alleged that he could not receive a fair trial in the US, and that he would be forced to enter a plea. They also said his extradition would interfere with his family obligations in the BVI, even though two of his three children actually live abroad. The last straw was his appeal to the Privy Council, which was dilatory on its face, and failed utterly.

Erickson's links to the BVI's disgraced and indicted Premier, ANDREW FAHIE, and his co-defendants, have also been widely rumored. Given the pressure from the United Kingdom, the Grey List situation, rampant official corruption issues, and the beleaguered BVI corporation service industry, this extradition will only represent more bad press for the territory, with potential economic consequences for its concerned Belongers.

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