Thursday, March 23, 2023


Neil Schuster, Esq.

The presence of Miami attorney Neil Schuster, who is a noted appellate and post-conviction specialist, with 30 years of experience, as one of the attorneys of record in the Miami Federal money laundering case of ALEX NAIN SAAB MORAN, may indicate that Moran's primary law firm is expecting that their client may lose his current appeal asserting immunity from prosecution, and ultimately be convicted at trial. While the law imposes a presumption of innocence, the US Attorney's Office for the Southern District of Florida has a stellar record in securing convictions in major contested money laundering cases; Schuster though, should be considered a worthy adversary in post-conviction matters.

Attorney Schuster, who has a reputation for winning on the appellate level, as well as securing significant sentence reductions, has been involved in the case from the beginning. While we have no information the extent of the evidence that the Government has against Saab, it is useful to remember that he previously was a cooperating individual for a substantial period of time, and during that time most likely submitted incriminating documents to US law enforcement. He was expected to ultimately surrender, but chose to renege on whatever arrangement his previous attorneys had negotiated. Extradited from Cape Verde, he faces substantial prison time. Efforts by the regime in Venezuela to secure his release through a major public relations campaign stressing his diplomatic immunity do not appear to have had any effect on his case.

It is anticipated that among the probable witnesses against him will be former University of Miami professor Bruce Bagley, who assisted Saab in the movement of money into the United States, for payment purposes. Bagley has already served a very short sentence, and resides within the Southern District.

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