Saturday, March 18, 2023


An offshore bank located in the Commonwealth of Dominica, PAXUM BANK, processed a loan of USD$16m from a Russian PEP linked to Vladimir Putin, to TRUMP MEDIA, which operates former US President DONALD TRUMP's Truth Social media platform. The two transactions are now reportedly part of an active US DOJ money laundering investigation. One of the bank's owners is said to be ANTON POSTOLNIKOV, alleged to be a relative of ALEKSANDR SMIRNOV, a former Russian government official and Vladimir Putin associate who now leads ROSMORPORT, a maritime company.

Offshore banks in Dominica, which basically operate without any supervision from Dominica regulators, are one of the reasons that many compliance officers in North American banks consider Dominica to be an extremely high risk from a Country Risk viewpoint. Paxum Bank, whose commercial clientele appears to include companies in the sex trade, does not accept accounts from US citizens or residents. The indicted Colombian money launderer and PEP ALEX NAIN SAAB MORAN held two offshore Dominica banks, as well as one in Antigua & Barbuda, prior to his extradition to face an indictment in US District Court in Miami.

The "loan payments" were allegedly conducted with the knowledge and supervision of DONALD TRUMP, JR., the former president's son. DEVIN NUNES, the former US Congressman, operates TRUTH SOCIAL. Nunes, while in office, visited neutral Malta,which has significant Russian influence, and questions have long been raised concerning whether he had contact with Russian officials at that time.The payments appear to have funded Trump Social.

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