Tuesday, March 21, 2023


Our continuing investigation into the unfolding story of India's Most Wanted Fugitive, MEHUL CHOKSI, which revealed recently that INTERPOL has cancelled and nullified the Red Card Notice outstanding against him, moves forward. The agency action means that Choksi is now free to leave Antigua, where he has found safe harbour for years, due to his prior purchase of an Antigua Citizenship by Investment (CBI) passport and citizenship. At this point, the only jurisdiction where he now faces arrest is his native India, where he is sought in connection with funds fraudulently obtained from a government-owned bank, Punjab, that are the equivalent of over USD$2bn.

Our reliable India sources have confirmed that Choksi paid several millions in bribes to a number of Indian law enforcement officials who are the designated liaison to INTERPOL, the international police agency, to cancel the Red Notice which India initially requested when Choksi fled to Antigua to avoid criminal prosecution. In other words, a contingent of the same police officials charged with capturing him and returning him to face justice have accepted extremely large illegal gratuities to effectively call off the global tool necessary to detain Choksi abroad, for ultimate extradition.

Until action is taken to reinstate the Red Card Notice, the Choksi quest is effectively over, and both the banks and his individual victims are in danger of never recovering their losses. A corruption investigation, authorized at the highest level, and possessing sufficient authority to get to the truth, make arrests, and see that justice is done, is the only possible successful outcome, given the probable seniority of those officials receiving these massive bribes. Will Choksi cheat justice?

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