Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Sharon Lexa Lamb
The criminal case against the Cayman Gang of Four, Sharon Lexa Lamb, Derek Buntain, Ryan Bateman and Fernando Moto Mendes, is moving to Canada*. Neither the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA), nor the Cayman Islands Royal Police Force (RCIPS) has taken any action against the four fraudsters, notwithstanding that clear and convincing evidence has been presented against them, in Grand Cayman.

Most observers know that staff members at both CIMA, and the RCIPS, have a close personal relationship with the Gang's ringleader, Sharon Lamb, raising the presumptions of conflict of interest, and of corruption, The police detective assigned to investigate the charges is the brother of Miss Lamb's paramour. Additionally, given the unsatisfactory track record of the RCIPS, in conducting successful financial crime investigations, law enforcement action against the Cayman Gang of Four is not expected. Neither agency ever presented a case to government prosecutors, confirming the belief that, when it comes to fraud in the Caymans, local perpetrators are rarely, if ever, charged, when accused by foreign investors. The matter is simply allowed to remain under investigation indefinitely, and the Statute of Limitations eventually runs out.

Therefore, counsel for the victims has recently moved the investigation to Canada, where the courts have jurisdiction over the fraudsters, since the stolen money flowed through Canadian financial institutions, Canadian corporations were involved in a number of illegal acts, and two of the Four are Canadian nationals. Additionally, when Sharon Lexa Lamb, the defendant in a civil suit in Grand Cayman, filed a counterclaim against a plaintiff/victim, who is a Canadian citizen, she invoked the  jurisdiction of Canadian courts.
*On the civil side in Canada, expect to see additional parties named to the pending action shortly; it was filed against Defendant Leon Frazer & Associates, Inc.

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