Sunday, March 13, 2016


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has raised the stakes on those who choose to associate with, support, donates to, or is in any way affiliated with Hezbollah. Both the Arab League and the Gulf Coordination Council have designated Hezbollah a terrorist organization.

The Saudi threat should be taken seriously, and not just because violators who are foreign nationals will face deportation. International banks, irrespective of where they are located, should their unwitting facilitation of Hezbollah financing touch, even briefly, the Kingdom, in any way, the "severe penalties,"  while they may not result in a beheading of the guilty bankers, may result in sanctions too painful to contemplate, and which could very well become universal, and result in bank failure.

It has just become much more dangerous to move Hezbollah's narcotics profits. Let's see what happens to the first bank that is caught in the act; Pray that it has no branches inside Saudi Arabia.

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