Wednesday, March 2, 2016


The Dream Team answer questions from journalists

Ricardo Martinelli's "Dream Team" of criminal defense lawyers continue in their efforts to delay the cases against their client, by employing procedural defenses, rather than proceeding to trial. In the PAN case, where there are massive allegations of corruption, specifically bribes and kickbacks, They assert that there were Constitutional violations, in connection with the solicitation of bank records, which was accomplished without court order.

A hearing on their defense motions to dismiss has been set for next week. The case in chief is set for trial, against co-defendants, in May. Public anger at the delays in Martinelli's dozen cases continues to increase in Panama City, and some of that has begun to focus upon Martinelli's team of attorneys, who are certainly not camera-shy, when speaking to the media in Panama. They have been holding what amounts to daily press conferences, to brief the media about what they claim is unfair treatment of their client.

The illegal surveillance case, whereby over 150 prominent Panamanians were subject to video surveillance, telephone and Internet taps, has generated the most public attention. There has been no effort, on behalf of his counsel, to bring in their client for the mandatory personal court appearances that are required under Panamanian law. Will Martinelli ever appear for trial ?

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