Sunday, March 27, 2016


Bateman, Lamb, Buntain
The Cayman Gang of Four*, using known aliases, have made repeated death threats to the most vocal victims of their $450m theft, as well as their immediate relatives, and to journalists whose articles have exposed the details of how they stole hundreds of millions from Canadian Pensioners. These threats have been reported to law enforcement authorities in Canada, and criminal complaints filed there.

 Though the Gang started out, by sending slanderous emails to North American (including Cayman) banks, in an attempt to convince them to deny the victims who have spoken out about the massive fraud access to accounts, they soon were sending libel to law enforcement agencies, government officials, universities, and anywhere else where the gang thought they could hurt the victims and journalists. The use of new bank account information, known only to Sharon Lexa Lamb, confirmed who the true author of these dirty emails was. Her central role in Internet crime has been duly reported.

The use of multiple, repeated slanderous emails, directed against the journalists who have been covering the story, through what is known as "Shoot the Messenger, " an attempt to characterize the author of the news as not credible, untruthful, or even deliberately publishing libel.

Some of the email threats claim that the victims and the journalists will be killed, if they travel to the Cayman Islands, This is a futile effort to keep them from testifying about the criminal conduct of the Cayman Gang of Four,  in a civil proceeding pending in the Grand Court. One investigator believes that those death threats have been issued as the direct result of the stories published that point out the failure of the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority, CIMA, to take any action against the Gang of Four. CIMA has been soundly criticized for  refusing to open an investigation into the $450m trading scandal, but the precise origin of the threats received by the victims and journalists is has not yet been established by computer experts assigned to the investigation in Canada.

*Sharon Lexa Lamb, Ryan Bateman, Derek Buntain, Fernando Moto Mendes.


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