Saturday, April 25, 2015


Hezbollah flag on left, HESN flag on right.
Reports that a minor Hezbollah affiliate, Harakat as-Sabeern Natzran Le-Palestin, ("The Patient Ones' Movement for the Liberation of Palestine:") which is operating in the Gaza Strip, has strengthened, and may soon pose a direct threat to Hamas. The Patient Ones, also known as HESN (fortification) is directly supported by Iran.

You will note that its flag is a close copy of the Hezbollah banner, though a map of "Greater Palestine" has been added. This organization, which opposes peace in any form, could reignite armed conflict with Israel. Its principal influence is in the northern section of Gaza.

HESN needs financial support, and given that it is coming from Iran, you want to make your compliance staff aware of its existence, including its various names and identifiers. Funds transfers, and bulk cash shipments, possibly disguised as payments to charities, that might end up in Gaza, should be carefully screened.

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