Sunday, April 5, 2015


Reports that literally tens of millions of dollars are presently being transferred, by Iran, to Hamas, specifically to its military components, to rebuild the destroyed tunnel system, and for offensive purposes are disturbing. While one must assume that much of the illicit funding is bulk cash, some of the funds must be making their way via wire transfers, through third parties, and this represents a threat to international banks for terrorist financing charges.

Remember, there may be some incomplete deal between the US, EU, and Iran, on nuclear weapons development, but that arrangement, if it does come to fruition, does not affect specially designated global terrorist organizations. Therefore, one should be alert for unusual large transfers, in US Dollars, as that is the currency preferred in Gaza, that have not been seen before, in a route taking it through your bank. Disguised humanitarian funds, charitable payments, Gaza reconstruction funds and other clever methods should always be in the back of your mind. Look also for funds purporting to be from donor jurisdictions that have have promised to fund rebuilding, as things are seldom what they seem in the Middle East. 

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