Monday, April 27, 2015


Gary James Lundgren
The American expatriate businessmen, Gary James Lundgren, who has been the subject of several articles on this blog, about white-collar crimes that he allegedly committed in the Republic of Panama, has sought an injunction, from a Panama court, against further publication of his activities. Lundgren asserts that his action is based upon upon Panama's libel laws.

Unfortunately for Mr. Lundgren, to prevail, he would have to prove malice aforethought, which is a requirement under the laws of Panama, and which is clearly not the case. We have reported upon several matters, including (1) Lundgren's involvement in the Petaquilla Mining Ltd./Financial Pacific insider trading scandal, (2) Civil and criminal lawsuits pending against Lundgren for fraud, theft, forgery of client signatures, and notarial fraud, (3) reputed money laundering of narcotics profits from Colombia, through real estate purchases and sales and (4) laundering Ponzi king David Murcia Guzmán's illicit cash. In all articles, the information was based upon reliable sources, official records, sworn testimony, and victim statements.

Mr. Lundgren, who is reportedly under criminal investigation in the United States, by a number of American law enforcement agencies, as well as regulatory agencies, has been a close associate of former Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli, and is alleged to have conspired with Martinelli, in a number of matters that are presently being investigated by Panama's Anti-Corruption prosecutors. That makes Gary James Lundgren a Public Figure; perhaps his attorneys might want to advise him about how that affects his position under the laws of libel and slander.

Finally, since Lundgren has failed to obtain personal service against either the Financial Crime Blog, or your writer, the court in Panama has no jurisdiction whatsoever. We shall continue to cover Gary Lundgren's activities, as we feel that they are of great relevant interest to the business community, both in Panama, and in the United States. The public has a right to know.

I believe that the reason that Lundgren is taking this desperate action is my pending investigation into attorney and prosecutorial misconduct in a fraud case where he is a defendant. There are allegations that Lundgren's attorney, Alcides Bartolo Peña, paid a bribe or other illegal gratuity to the government prosecutor, Maria Lourdes Estrada Villar, to improperly dismiss the case, which has been stalled, without legal cause or grounds, for four years. He does not want the truth to come out.

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