Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Apparently, Hamas is operating its program in illicit finance in countries in the Middle East that oppose its policies. An Egyptian media source has now reported that Saudi officials had arrested Maher Salah, identified as the senior Hamas treasury financier. He has been charged with money laundering for terrorist entities, and bulk cash smuggling. He was taken into custody some time ago, but the information just became public this week. Salah is known to have been living in Jeddah.

This indicates that Hamas is moving cash into, and through, countries not allied with it, so as to conceal their ultimate destination. Money sent from Saudi Arabia could be cleverly characterized as humanitarian, post-conflict reconstruction aid, when, in truth and fact, it would be going into Hamas' war chest for weapons and tunnel construction. Maher, whose position is said to be the financial chairman of the designated terrorist organization, has reportedly already been succeeded by Mohammed Nazzal. Compliance officers should note that Hamas is using this tactic, to launder and transport funds. Iran has been contributing millions of dollars to Hamas since last year's conflict with Israel, for the purpose of rebuilding its lost military capability.

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