Sunday, April 26, 2015


Ricardo Martinelli, live via video conference.
You have to love Panama's former President, Ricardo Martinelli; a fugitive from justice, and facing massive corruption charges totaling literally several billions of dollars. His political party, Cambio Democratico [Democratic Change], got to see him up close and personal this week, but only via video conference.

Martinelli, who continues to insist that he is presently living in the United States, where he is reportedly writing his memoirs (one in a long series of falsehoods), is in hiding, somewhere in Latin America. Apparently he has purchased an estate in Paraguay, a jurisdiction from which he cannot be extradited, to either Panama or the United States, where he may have a sealed pending criminal indictment waiting for his arrival.

So, he appears before his followers virtually, like Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah, who also rightfully fears retribution for his sins and transgressions. SeƱor Martinelli, you have an appointment with the long arm of justice; you can run but you cannot hide. Martinelli, who came into office on an anti-corruption platform, ended up being the most corrupt president the Republic of Panama ever had. 

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