Friday, December 31, 2021



 Taken verbatim from the Repubblika Public Statement

On the occasion of the end of the year, Repubblika expresses its appreciation toward the institutions that are still observing the oath of office that they undertook in favour of upholding standards of good governance and promoting the rule of law, namely the National Audit Office, the Commissioner for Standards, and the Ombudsman.

Repubblika recognises and appreciates that these offices have continued to fulfill their duties despite the significant obstacles and continuous hindrance from the government and other institutions that have chosen to sell their souls.

Repubblika also thanks those journalists and news outlets whose only loyalty is to truth and justice. In this context, Repubblika would like to emphasise that it cannot remain silent at the worrying situation at the Public Broadcasting Services (PBS), which instead of being an instrument of education and the development of critical thinking, is allowing itself to be used as an apparatus for government propaganda.

Repubblika expresses its appreciation towards those individuals who, despite the fact that their institutions’ leaders have allowed themselves to be bought, are still fulfilling their duties toward the state and justice. We recognise the challenges they face as well as their courage and determination. Thank you.

Repubblika would also like to thank other groups and citizens who are committed to the rule of law, the protection of human rights, the strengthening of justice, and the fight against corruption in the country. Thank you for your dedication and your work.

Repubblika reiterates its commitment towards the rule of law and declares that it will be even more committed in this fight during the coming year.

 Well Said.

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