Monday, December 6, 2021



The scheduled In-Person Status Conference in the Alex Saab Moran case was held today, December 6., 2021, and we are raising a number of points for our readers:

(1) The parties stipulated that the presently set trial date, January 3, 2022, is unrealistic. Another Status Conference, to set a new trial date, has been scheduled for January 7.

(2) The Court noted The interests of justice served by a continuance outweigh any interest of the public or the Defendant in a speedy trial.

(3) Whether you may construe these developments as further confirmation that the defendant has either already competed plea negotiations, or they are merely in progress, is a distinct possibility. Of course, until a change of plea is announced, we are guessing as to the developments behind the scenes, but the rumours persist.

We note the presence, at the hearing of DOJ attorney Alexander J. Kramer, who is a trial attorney with Main Justice's Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) Unit in DC. He was there to supplement AUSA Kurt. K. Lunkenheimer, from SDFL. Kramer's attendance is a signal that senior DOJ staff are involved. Our analysis of all developments in this case, even those that some may regard as insignificant, shall continue.

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