Thursday, December 2, 2021



The news from Malta today is full of a libel case, filed by disgraced former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, against an attorney, Christian Grima, who reportedly accused Muscat of involvement in the Daphne Caruana Galizia assassination in social media. It seems that Mr. Muscat failed to show up no less than three times for court appearances, with the end result that the case was dismissed by the court. Muscat evaded the question when the media asked him directly why he failed to attend three times. I wonder, can Dr. Grima recover attorneys' fees from Muscat, for filing a case with no factual basis, and them allowing it to be dismissed ?

The Artful Dodger threatened to sue me several times, especially when the press was there to record his posturing, but he never did, he also alleged that I had lost a number of libel/defamation/slander suits, but regular readers of this blog know that I never have had a money judgment entered against me for damages for libel or defamation. Muscat also accused me of being a fantasist, but all Malta knows that the only fantasist is JM himself, because he believes his own lies.

My open offer to debate Muscat, any time, any place, live or virtual, stands, but he is clearly afraid to publicly answer my questions about his corrupt conduct, both before becoming Prime Minister, as well as while in office, and since resigning in disgrace. Ultimately, though, he will have to answer to a Higher Power for his sins and transgressions. 

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