Saturday, December 21, 2019


Soren Dawody, far left.
If you were wondering what excuse Soren Dawody, the owner of the Grenada Sustainable Aquaculture Project is alleging, to explain why his $40m venture was never built, here it is: He asserts that the Government of Grenada failed to give him the permits and licenses necessary to initiate construction of the facilities.

Let's for one brief moment assume that there is a grain of truth in his claim; in that case, would Mr. Dawody kindly explain these inconsistencies:

(1) Why were refunds not then disbursed to the investors ? Mr. Dawody, reportedly a very wealthy man, certainly must have these funds on hand. He did direct investors to send their payments directly to him in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and in Singapore, and not wire the money to the escrow agents in Grenada. Therefore, he must still have the eighteen million ($18m) dollars he took in.

(2) Why has Dawody basically disappeared from the Grenada CBI scene altogether ? We understand that investors in the GSA project cannot locate him anywhere in the world. You will not find a current photograph of him online, or locate him at either of his two offices.

(3) Why has he failed to keep his investors informed ? A quick look at the GSA social media pages show that they have not been updated for a year or two.

(4) Why have creditors of the GSA project, all of whom apparently have not been paid anything, threatened the Government of Grenada, demanding that they be paid for their labor and materials ?

Given that Federal courts in the United States have interpreted the Money Laundering Control Act of 1986 to include extraterritorial jurisdiction, even to individuals who have never entered America, if they move US currency as the Proceeds of Crime through the global financial system, does he not fear being charged with a 20-year felony for his fraud ? He is known to be a highly educated businessman; if he fails to make restitution forthwith, he could follow in the footsteps of others who committed major fraud in the Caribbean.

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