Monday, December 30, 2019


Dawody, second from tight.

A word to the wise, directed to Soren Dawody, and to all the other CBI fraudsters who stole investor money out of a Citizenship By Investment (CBI) construction program in the East Caribbean states: the maximum fine, under US lawm for money laundering is twice the amount of money you have pased through the bank accounts that you controlled.  That's thirty-six million dollars, Sheikh Dawody. think about that.

Of course, most people are far more interested in the Federal Prison time that District Judges mete out in a money laundering case. The max is twenty (20) years of imprisonment, of which eighty-five per cent (85%) must be served, as Parole was abolished. The guilty will also receive a term of Supervised Release, after they leave prison, and a fine, and most likely Restitution, paying back that $18m will delay the termination of Supervised Release, by the way.

We wonder whether those transnational criminals, who divert millions of dollars from CBI construction funds, or even fee to government, ever give a thougth to how they will cope with a long US prison sentence, in the company of inner-city drug traffickers much larger than themselves. Their lawyers never tell them that the Money Laundering Control Act of 1986 has deen deemed by the court to have extraterritorial jurisdiction, and their choice of the US Dollar as the type of currency to receive, further seals their fate on jurisdiction.

The knock on the door may come, in your case, sooner rather than later. Govern yourself accordingly.

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