Wednesday, September 23, 2015


With its campaign in Switzerland, against American tax cheats hiding their money in Swiss banks, well in hand, the Internal Revenue Service has now turned its attention to Belize. So-called "John Doe" summonses have been applied for, in the Southern District of Florida*, to be served, ex parte, upon Bank of America NA, and Citibank, NA offices in Miami, Florida, seeking corespondent account information relating to these entities:

(1) Belize Bank International, Limited
(2) Belize Bank Limited
(3) Belize Corporate Services

The parent entity for the above is BCB Holdings, Limited.

Readers interested in the details of how the tax evasion operations are conducted in Belize are advised that there is a detailed memorandum of law, in support of the petition, as well as an affidavit of the Internal Revenue Agent in the Offshore Compliance Initiatives Program. The complete text of these filings can be accessed here**.

The District Court has approved those requests for information,which requests data on US taxpayers who has direct or indirect interests in any accounts in those Belize banks named, and the corporate service provides, between 12/31/2006 and 12/31/2014. There were no further action requested, and the Court administratively closed the case on 9/18/2015.

Belize Bank staff
*In the Matter of the Tax Liabilities of: John Does, Case No.: 15-mc-23475-UU (SD FL).

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