Tuesday, September 15, 2015


A US District Judge in Mississippi recently sentenced a Florida bulk cash smuggler, who was engaged in cross-country pick up & transport of drug cash, to a sentence of only thirty months' imprisonment. Inocensio Villareal, who was detained with wrapped cash amounting to $414,450, had been traveling through the South, was stopped by law enforcement in Jackson County.

His sentence also included a $4000 fine, and three years of post-prison Supervised Release. Such a short sentence does not, in the humble opinion of this writer, operate as either a deterrent to others, nor a sufficient amount of prison time present the defendant from considering future criminal conduct, upon his speedy release. Unless sentences of at least five years are meted out for bulk cash smuggling, they will be lined up from Miami to El Paso, to move cash to Mexico, to make easy money.

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