Wednesday, September 16, 2015



Sharon Lexa Lamb and Derek Buntain, two of the Cayman Gang of Four, the fraudsters who have cheated Canadian & American investors out of at least $450m, have added insult to injury by flatly refusing to resign, as directors, from the investors' companies that they hijacked when they took over client bank accounts, and passed the money on to their trader associates in the group, Ryan Bateman, and Fernando Moto Mendes.

Lamb, Bateman, Buntain
Miss Lamb, who has been deceiving investors into believing that she was acting on behalf of either the non-existent Dundee Bank, which was liquidated, or Dundee Leeds Management, which was sold off, and is no longer in business, has been pacifying investors with a bogus tale about how those who are complaining loudest about the Gang of Four are all blackmailers and extortionists, and not whistle blowers. She can do little else but deny & delay, for her associate, Ryan Bateman, has either lost the investors' money, and/or absconded, and it appears that the Cayman Islands will be having its fifth major financial scandal, again with a total loss for most investors, in recent years.  

When a court of competent jurisdiction ultimately metes out justice to Lamb, and the Gang of Four, whose incredible arrogance, and obviously dilatory tactics, could serve as an aggravating factor, both at their sentencing, and when civil judgments are entered, the consequences will be severe.

Lamb and laundryman 


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