Thursday, September 24, 2015


If you were paying attention to detail, as you should, you may have noticed that the FARC thus far has stubbornly refused to apply its billions of dollars, earned from narcotics trafficking, kidnapping, extortion, and other forms of mayhem, to aid victims of the 40-year civil war that it started. This means that, pending the final solution of all phases of the agreement, whereby the FARC will lay down its arms, and rejoin civil society, all that narco-cash remains in its bloody hands.

Just as some forward-looking intelligence officers "liberated" wealth entrusted to them for government operations, when the Soviet Union collapsed into Russia and other states, you can expect some corrupt FARC leaders, no longer committed Communists, but now wealthy beyond their wildest dreams, with drug profits and other criminal proceeds, will be wanting to divert that money for their own use; after all, who will miss it ?

The first thing that those opportunists will do is move funds out of the tax haven accounts where they presently reside, construct a credible cover story as to the Source of Funds, and transfer it to safer jurisdictions. Assuming that the final deal between the parties is a year away, or less, they will now be planning how to take the money and run with it.

This means that one should be alert for new clients, with substantial assets, who profess to be wealthy, successful Latin American businessmen. While they may employ local counsel, when they do enter your bank, their Colombian Spanish slang may give them away, or their thin corporate cover. In any case, be aware that they are coming, and soon; Watch for them.

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